Family Tree of the Jewish People (FTJP)


Note:  Language must be English.

 For information on genealogy software programs go to


 Since each program is different, you must read the help file and or manual FOR YOUR OWN GENEALOGY PROGRAM.  I suggest you print the directions from the help file before you start.


 Generally under the file menu you will see a copy/export option.  This is the option you need to create a gedcom file.  If you have choices for the gedcom file select PAF, UTF-8, Version 5.x.  Be sure you select gedcom.ged as the file type.  The file will usually be created in the same directory as your family tree file.  Note the name before you save.



Follow these steps:

1.            Go to

2.            Select Family Tree of the Jewish People.

3.            Scroll to the bottom of the page Enter your JGID researcher code and password.

4.            Select "I accept and wish to UPLOAD my GEDCOM."

5.            Read the screen and make the appropriate selections.

6.            Select UPLOAD my gedcom.

7.            Click the browse button and find the directory and file you created.  When you see the filename in the field, click the UPLOAD button.  Wait for the message that says your transmission was successful.  If you have a problem sending this way, see option 8.

8.            Select "Alternatively click here to send your file by email". Attach your file to the email form that appears on your task bar.

9.            If you privatize your file it will not only become smaller it will keep private information safe.

 If you still have questions, contact me directly.



Iris Folkson



JewishGen - Technical Services