Searching for Hyman, de Young and Van Ryn #unitedkingdom

David Harrison

My name is David Harrison and I am searching for living relatives of my cousins in order that I can put names to family photographs.  My mother Phoebe Harrison died in 1972 shortly after her mother Phoebe Van Ryn and when I cleared her house, I collected up about 200 photos together with 7 diaries of my Grandmother and her Birthday Book.  That book started my family research and I forgot about the photos and diaries until recently.  Luckily, I had a good memory of much of my family who died in 1949 -1950 when I was aged 9 to 19.  I found this treasure trove which had been in a box in our loft until it was moved when we had additional roof insulation some years ago and I traced John and Pru, children of Greta Hyman, now long dead and possibly so are these two, but i would like to contact their children (or Grandchildren), also members of the related family of de Young (various spellings.   These two families and also Stephany all came to London and in the 1940 50 period were lining in Wembley Park; they came from Leeuwarden in Friesland, Netherlands and maybe also Emden in Friesland Germany,  they intermarried with Dreilsma and Van Ryn.
The Van Ryn line that I would like to find is from Bob and Irene because I particularly want to identify Hertog Van Ryn's second wife on a photo of my mother aged less than 1 year in 1897.
Of course, I would also like to swap family news and stories., Regards
David Harrison, Birmingham UK

Mike Coleman

Hi David.

Are you on Ancestry? A search for Phoebe van Ryn in England, with no other limitations, produced 465 hits, some of which could provide leads for you.

Mike Coleman  London U.K.