Searching for Salo Stern, #germany


I am searching for Salo Stern, born May 16, 1946, Weiden, Germany. His parents - Dawid Stern, b. June 24, 1909, Radomysl Poland, and Bala ??? Stern, b. February 8, 1909, Nisko Poland. Salo and Bala were survivors.  Family first sent to Paraguay, Oct. 1948. Then to Australia.  July 1956, Bala and Salo went to Hawaii, then to San Francisco, Cal. While I'm certain that his parents are gone, Salo would be 74 now. Any clues?? Ideas ?

Neilan Stern
Stern, Pistrong , Stieglitz, Spatz - Radomysl Wielki, Poland;
Black, Schwarz, Bezner - Nesvizh, Belarus;
Aronovsky, Cohen, Portnoy, Entes - Vilijampole, Kovno Lithuania;
Lapin - Vilna, Lithuania;