Witnessing Holocaust History - Launches Today #holocaust #events

Eli Rabinowitz

Witnessing Holocaust History event - today, 27 January 2021


Today World ORT will mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day in a joint initiative with HAMEC - The Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center of Philadelphia and the WE ARE HERE! Foundation in Perth, Australia.

ORT students have already taken part in sessions hearing the testimony of Holocaust survivors and learning the consequences of racism, ethnic cleansing and intolerance.


Join us today:

9am US EST

2pm GMT

4pm South Africa and Israel

10pm Perth

1am (28 Jan) Sydney and Melbourne


The 30 minute program will commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and we will hear more about the impact the survivors' testimonies have had on our students' understanding of the past.

The program will conclude with a compilation of students singing the Partisans’ Song in different languages.

Join us on Zoom via this link: 

and at:
The recording and the follow-up programs will be on:
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Eli Rabinowitz