Mlynarz, Waisman Family of Warsaw, Poland #poland #warsaw #records

Sherri Bobish


Try searching for surname Mlynarz, and put Warsaw in the keyword field.  There are many interesting hits.  Some are passenger arrivals to The U.S., both decades before WW11 and also in the 1930's.  Some are U.S. naturalization records (some appear to have changed their name to Miller.)

If your parent's immediate family is not found than perhaps you will find siblings of your grandparents that emigrated earlier in time or right before WW11.

Public libraries that offer free access to Ancestry have been offering that access from home computers since Covid.  Check you library's website to see if they offer this.
Another great resource for a multitude of databases.

Old digitized city directories for Eastern Europe and other locations can be searched at:

JewishGen has many excellent databases to search:

You can search old digitized newspapers from around the world.  A listing of newspapers available to search on-line (by geographic region):

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Sherri Bobish

Michael Hoffman

Hello Barry,

Have you obtained your fathers Naturalisation Certificate from the National Archives?
There is also a certificate for a Zygmunt Mlynarz!

Do a search on the website of for your family name and on 

Michael Hoffman




My late father was born in Warsaw in January 1920.  

From the information he provided when enlisting in the reformed Polish Army in 1941, his parents were Chaim Mlynarz and Sara Mlynarz (nee Waisman) and the family’s pre-War Warsaw address was recorded as having been Ulica Niska 43, Warsaw.

Her first name is not known for sure, but my father had a younger sister, believed “Helen” or similar, born around 1925.

My father obviously survived the War, mainly because he was away at Jewish Trade School in Eastern Poland in 1939, but his family will have perished in Warsaw or in the Death Camps.

My father wouldn’t speak in any detail about his family and I know nothing of any extended family that reasonably existed.

Over a number of years, I have periodically researched all the usual databases, including Arolsen, Yad Vashem, JewishGen, Warsaw State Archives, Jewish Historical Institute, etc., but, apart from my father’s Army Records and my father being listed in a record of “persecuted Jews” held by Yad Vashem, it seems that the family has disappeared from recorded history.

Request for Help

I have two questions: (a) does anyone recognise any of the above details from their own family research and (b) does anyone have a suggestion as to other possible surviving records or any other specific research or enquiries that I might usefully undertake?

Thank you. Barry Mlynarz