Desperately searching for information about the Bromberg family #poland


Hello, everyone, my name is Yehuda Bromberg.
I've searched every online database (limited to English because that's the only language I know) and have found almost zero information regarding my family, which almost entirely killed in Treblinka. My Bromberg family had a small factory making leather for shoes, they lived in Stanislawow Poland, Warsaw, Kaluzyn. Any tips, leads and information would be so greatly appreciated. I've been trying to find information for over a year. (I have a potentially valuable treasure trove of information from a diary from my grandfather, Jankiel Bromberg, who's listed below as one of the survivors of the children of Avroham Bromberg, but he wrote in yiddish and I can't afford translation services at the moment...).

1. Avroham Bromberg. Approximate birth is 1886. Married to Chaya/Chaja Pinkus. Occupation: leather factory, tops for shoes. Death: approximate: 1936.
2. Chaja/Chaya Pinkus, married to Avroham Bromberg.
3. Bertha Bromberg, approximate birth date 1902. Father possibly avroham/hirsh leib or aaron shlomo. Brother is Avroham Bromberg, listed above.
4. Shmuel/ Samuel Bromberg, approximate birth date is 1889, 10th of October, siblings are Bertha Bromberg and Avroham Bromberg. (Father is either avroham/hirsch leib or aaron shlomo).
It is most likely the name of the father of Avroham, Bertha and Shmuel is Aaaron Shlomo.
Children of Avroham and Chaja/Chaya Bromberg:
1. Yitzchak Moshe/Itche Moshe, approximate birth: 1912.
2. Genya/Janet Bromberg: approximate birth: 1909.
3. Baila Mindel: approximate birth 1912.
4. Noach/Noa/Noah Bromberg: approximate birth 1925-1926.
5. Chaim Meir-unknown.
6. Aleksander Bromberg-1917/1914 (SURVIVOR).
7. Yankel/Jacob/Yaakov Bromberg: 1917. (SURVIVOR).
8. hirsh leib bromberg: 1919. (SURVIVOR).
Possibly, the names of the other siblings are: Sruli/Srulka, Asher, Schmilka, Menachim.
-My name is Yehuda Brombeg. Baltimore, Maryland, 21209.
Personal email: yehudabromberg1@...

Sherri Bobish


You don't specify what databases you have searched.  Here are some recommendations:
Info on Stanisławów.
Listing of the JewishGen databases.  You can search for records from the town and for the surname.  You can search the FamilyFinder Database to see if anyone else is searching your surname and/or town.  And, many other databases.
Search old digitized city directories for Eastern Europe and other locations.
Listings of digitized historical newspapers from around the world (by geographic location.)
Search worldwide records databases.  I suggest searching passenger manifests and naturalization records.  You may find relatives that emigrated well before WW11, during the 1930's or after WW11.

Keep in mind that in many records the town name may be spelled in variant ways.

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish

David Selig

I woudl also suggest an enquiry to ITS at Bad Arolsen.  They have many file swhich are not yet searchable online. 

And of course, search their database first. 
You coudl email - 

best regards, David SELIG, Paris