Name of Cilevitz, Chilewitz, Chevitz finding surname..sound familiar? #names

Julian Chilewitz

I wonder who can help me to find out my proper surname. 
My father name on his Naturalization Paper was Chilewitz. His fathers name was Jankel Zilavitsch & his mothers name was Sara Hovitz. My sister says she was named after her witch was Saralayer.
He mentioned Cousins Dave Cilevitz & Max Skuy. Other names were Manya Lotkin, Janie Baum. Thats all he told us as his Intermediate Family were all killed. 
Had contact with Paul Cheifitz & he help me with my mothers family. 
Also Arlene Beare who found out the name Zilavitsch. 
I have been in contact with Ralph Cilevitz who says we are related.
I met Max Skuy at a Hebrew Order Of David Insteration & he patted me on the back & said hullo Cousin.
Julian Chilewitz 
South Africa. 
+2783 518 8887

Molly Staub

I believe Saralayer would be Sura Leah. Shabbat Sholam,
Molly Staub

Arlene Beare

Remember that the C is usually Tz in Russian and Latvian. .Remember also that the person transcribing the records may put an S or a Z. Using the Ts or Tz you can find a number of records on Jewishgen. eg Tselevich Tselevitz Tselevets Tsilevich. 
I mentioned to you that Karsava was in Latgale which was in Vitebsk Gubernia until 1919. After 1919 Vitebsk gubernia ceased to exist. Karsava  went back to Latvia and part of Vitebsk Gubernia was in Belarus. You may have relatives from Belarus and as I said some of the records may be in the Minsk Archives.
Searching Jewishgen there are many Tzilevich from Rezekne.You need to be really openminded about spelling.

I am busy transcribing Internal  passport handed in to the Riga Police, These 2 names are in the Rezekne records.  Sadly the Passports are not in the records merely a document.
Mendel Cilevic
Ilja Cilevic
Ilya was born 1899 and had 2 sons Mendel 1923 and Peisach 1925.

Arlene Beare
Co-director Latvia Research Division.

Yariv Timna <ytimna@...>

Hello Julian
My grandfather was born Zilevitz / Tzilevitz, in the town Kopust, Belarus.
The family immigrated to Palestine in 1913 when he was 5 years old.
Parents names are Ben Zion and Miriam Zilevitz.
None of the names you mentioned are familiar to me, but who knows?
If you like to explore it together, my mail is:

Yariv Timna