How to pay the Ukrainian Archives for research #ukraine


Why don’t you get the letter translated by a human? It seems that you’re unclear about what they’ve found and what the payment is for. There is a Facebook group, Genealogical Translations and I’m not sure what viewmate requirements are but your question doesn’t seem to be related to how to send money. There may even be a Russian community in your town that could translate.

Sharon Fleitman 
Atlanta, Georgia


Hi Alan,
A number of years ago I requested a document from the Khirovograd archives.  They replied with a note that was difficult to decipher but seemed to indicate that in order to obtain the document, I needed to wire them a fee.  They provided wiring instructions that included various codes including their account number.  When I showed the instructions to my bank manager, he was equally perplexed.  I later learned that these instructions are for domestic (i.e. within Ukraine) wires only.  I asked about international wires but the answer I got was way too complex for me to pursue.
I ended up contacting a local researcher in Ukraine and he got the document that I wanted.

Steven Zuckerman
Rockville, MD

alan moskowitz

Mark -  This would be the Chernihiv archive.  The main archive sent my request to Poltava Archive which responded they had no information, and recommended the Chernihiv archive.  
Susan - yes there were 2 names which I used in the subject line.  I am sure all the needed information is present in the document but because of the format, (tables, headings etc) I do not get a 'clean' translation.
Alan Moskowitz

Susan H. Sachs

In addition to which archive (per Mark Friedman's comment) - did the person who sent the notice give his / her name?

Susan Sachs


What archive are you dealing with? 

Mark Friedman 

alan moskowitz

Using Google translate, I was able to request a search for a few documents at the Ukrainian archives.  I was bounced around to a few different archives and recently got a note indicating (I think) that some information was found, and they request a small payment (less than USA $20) to release the information.  However, the online translation of the document is not so precise and I cannot be certain if they found something, or whether this is for work still to be done.  I had requested clarification, ideally in English, multiple times but have not heard back.  They seem to have provide some account numbers, etc but again, trying to figure this out is impossible for me.  I even contacted the Ukrainian Consulate in NY as well as another organization but have not gotten what I need.  I know there are various payment transfer companies I can use for a reasonable fee, but need better clarity on the 'invoice' received and what action to take.

Does anyone have experience with this?   I can provide the document if needed

Thanks for any guidance.
Alan Moskowitz