Marguerite HERSCHER, possible orphan at Saint-Mande, France, 1943 #france #holocaust #photographs

Selma Sheridan

My cousin, Marguerite HERSCHER, was born 5 Aug. 1935 in Lens, France.  She fled with her family to Saint-Privat-des-Pres, and was separated from her parents and two older sisters.  After living in different places, she stayed at Saint-Mande (UGIF #64), from 14 Sept. 1943 until the round-up of 22 July 1944 and transport #77 to Auschwitz.  The well-known photo (attached) was taken Dec. 1943, and shows the 20 girls, 3 of them unidentified.  I think that girl "S" may be Marguerite HERSCHER, who would have been 8 years old.  Unidentified girls "E'' and "L'' appear to be older than 8.  All the HERSCHER family was murdered at Auschwitz.  I have no photos of them.  Would the primary school at 17, rue Mongenot, have photos of their students?  Would there be photos of Marguerite at other paces where she stayed: Poitiers, Lamarck (UGIF #28), Louveciennes (UGIF #56)?  Is there anyone still alive from Saint-Mande, or their descendants, or any archivists or volunteers, who could help me to identify girl "S"?  Many thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!

Oswego NY

David Choukroun

Dear Selma, 

I am living @ Saint Mandé- France -- 500m from this place were this well known pictures was taken

It looks like a classical pictures of classroom, but the yellow star on their clothes is making it tragic

This picture was used and reused in tons of books, like a symbol of their fate, but the real story of this school (and rafle) is not so common

There are a couple of references (all in French I am afraid)  like this one :

There is an annual ceremony -- with the official every year -- at the same adresse (no more a school)

Let me dig into the archives of Saint Mandé -- I remember to have seen somewhere the list of those girls -- may be only the ones you are listing here