Confusion Over Maiden Names: Was My Maternal Great Aunt "MICHALOWITZ" or "LEVINE/LAURIA" TAUFIELD? #poland #usa #records

Marilyn Robinson

My maternal gr. aunt Esther had a daughter, Gussie S. TUEFELDT 17 July 1891, in Manhattan, NY. Esther's name was listed as Esther Michalowitz TUEFELDT (FamilySearch) on Gussie's birth certificate. On the actual birth record Esther's maiden name was written as MICHALOWITZ (birth record # 7999--child's father was Adolph, barber).

In  Feb. 1895 Esther had a son, Harry (the name appears as Harie TOFELD on the Certif. of Birth, #15412). On this record. Esther's maiden name was listed as Ester LAURIA. I know that my maternal family was Lauria (or some version of this spelling), but became LEVINE in the U.S. (Record is from Manhattan, NY).

I know that Esther's paternal grandfather was Michal LAURIA/LEVINE (from Lodz) & her father was Solomon/Zalman LAURIA/LEVINE, from Warsaw. I assume Solomon's patronym would have been Michalowitz/Michalovich.
Her mother was Rebecca REICHMAN LEVINE. Could the grandfather's first name/father's patronym  have had something to do with Esther using Michalowitz?? Would this have been a common kind of name usage when asked for maiden names? (Note: there may be additional family members that use "Michaelowitz" as their last names--this is some new information that I am working on).

Marilyn Robinson