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Aline Petzold

Hello All:
 I am wondering how to go about researching whether my father, Dr. Joseph Sternberg,  was fighting for the resistance during WW2.  He was a doctor in the Romanian army.  He suffered from terrible nightmares throughout his life although as a child my sister and I were sheltered from this fact.  He used to tell stories of the time he spent treating peasants in the Crimea and being paid for his services with fistfuls of caviar.  I  have also discovered a series of pictures taken at Ispas in Transnistria ( ex: a group of people standing in front of a train car), however, there is no record of his being held as a prisoner there.  My question: Is there a listing of resistance fighters somewhere, or an organization that has such records?
Thanks for your help.
Aline Sternberg Petzold
St. Paul MN


The Holocaust Museum has a number of records for Iosif Sternberg, born in Bucuresti in 1912, an MD and you can request them -- listed on JewishGen  He appears to have been in Cernauti and was deported to Transnistria (Odessa was in Transnistria). People living in Bucuresti were unlikely to be deported.  In 1941 Jews were no longer in the Romanian Army.   I have some personal connection since my father was an inmate of the Vapniarka Concentration Camp, as well as my aunt and her husband; the wife of another  uncle perished at  Tulchin and the entire family of another out perished at Bershad.  Not sure what resistance are you referring to. Surviving in Transnistria may have been an act of resistance...

Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY


You might try...

Organization of Partisans Underground and Ghetto Fighters.

This organization is in Tel Aviv on Arlozorov Street.  I checked their fighter list.  Two Sternberg's were there from Hungary, but not Dr. Joseph Sternberg.  I did not check for phonetic variants.

Shalom.  Ken Domeshek  (Damesek, Kartorzynski, Braverman, Sinienski)


The Fighters List on their website may still work (it looks like the website has not been updated since 2010), but I believe the Organization of Partisans Underground and Ghetto Fighters in Tel Aviv disbanded in February of 2016 due to lack of funds or Government support and the increasing deaths of its elderly members.
George Mason