contact needed in Zhitomir re gravestone REYDMAN (see photos attached) #ukraine

Hello Susan

I worked with a researcher in Ukraine who found records for my family in Zhitormir. His prices were reasonable. Send me an email and I will provide you with his contact information.
Rhonda Rubin Post
Silver Spring, Maryland

Susan stone

Hello All..
From my great uncle's obituary I learned that he and his brother, my grandfather, had a sister (my great aunt)  who never left Ukraine.  The obituary listed her name as Esther REIDMAN (lucky for me..a last name).  I have found her gravestone in Zhitomir!!!
After visiting Yad Vashem's website and finding that someone with her name, the approximate correct birthdate...2 years older than my grandfather...was on a list that said "evacuated" and on a man with the same last name was evacuated to the same town.  I figured it was her husband.  So she lived.  And on Findagrave I found her gravestone in Zhitomir where she lived  (same district at Narodici where they were all from).  See photos.  The gravestone says "children and grandchildren" . someone I knew asked the rabbi of Zhitomir but he said there was no family he could find attached to the gravestone.  WHERE ARE THEY?  Could someone in Zhitomir or nearby somehow find my great aunt's family?  Any advice welcome.  
Thank you ,
Susan Stone
Evanston, IL