Anyone know places called Kajankow and street Richeliewsca - Odessa #ukraine


Dear all,

I saw on a document written by my great grand-father who was applying in 1936 for the French Nationality that his father VERBA Isaac was born in a place called Kajankow but I can find nothing with that name,
Would someone know which city that would refer to?

On that same document he wrote that before leaving to France he lived few years in Odessa exactly Richeliewsca Street, is this street still existing now? What about he  kind of place it was in 1907?

Many thanks for anyhelp,

Sébastien TORIO


Hi Sebastien, 

Since the document was French then the place is pronounced as Kazankow. Perhaps you are looking for this place,

Giannis Daropoulos 



Bonjour Giannis,

This is a real possibility, I heard that this Verba branch was holding her name from a village called Verba situated in Poland at just 240km from Kazankow, that would be quite possible.

Merci beaucoup!
Sébastien Torio


I found another possibility with a village called Kokhanovo in Belarus

This place is also not very far from Verba village but most of all it is only 60km from a place called Baranovitch, Belarus, where I saw on that same document (joined to this message) that his wife was born.

Sébastien Torio


Rishelievskaya street is one of the main streets of Odessa, named after the first mayor of the city and the future Prime Minister of France, Armand-Emmanuel de Vignerot du Plessis, duc de Richelieu.  During the Soviet time it was renamed to the Lenin street and then renamed back to Rishelievskaya in the 1990's. 

Mike Vayser

Bella Tseytlin

Mike Vayser,

Spot On! 

I was born in post war Odessa, and still remember my parents and parents of my husband Very Often referred to Lenin street as Reshilevskaya.
Yes, duc the Reschilie was very Prominent figure in Odessa, monument to him was erected many years ago and it is situated in the prominent place in Odessa. 

Kajankov or similar names don’t ring the bell and references to Belarus and Poland either. I’m sorry. 

Bella Tseytlin

Melbourne, Australia