Do you use to gather at Templul Cahal Strada Sfânta Vineri? #rabbinic #romania


I'd  like to ask people who use to attend services at the beit knesset Templul Cahal, Bucuresti, whether or not you meet Madam Ernestina Kanner, widow of Artur Kanner, my uncle.

My name is Artur Canella Avelar, from Brazil, son of the late romanian immigrant Enrich Kanner, Ernestina's brother-in-law.

Thank you in Advance.
Artur Avelar

Theo Rafael

Hi Artur,

This must have been long ago. There were two Cahal synagogues in Bucharest named Cahal Grande and Cahal Cicu respectively. They were both devastated in 1941 in the Bucharest Pogrom. The smaller one was rebuilt initially but was eventually demolished in 1986 when the entire area was razed by Romania's dictator, Ceausescu. The larger one, the Cahal Grande was not repaired and it was demolished probably in 1955 (although there are also other later dates being quoted).
Also, the street you mention in the other post doesn't exist anymore at least not under that name...
You can try reaching out to CSIER, FCER and CEB in Bucharest but keep your expectations low, they may not even answer...
Good luck!

Theo Rafael