Naturalisation decret for Leon MARGOLIN #france #general



I am looking for the date and decret number of Mr Leon Margolin born 1879 died 1961 in Paris
I tried to find it on Gallica but the site is not working very well and I was not successful. Any help would be appreciated
More tricky I have been trying to find the death date of Marco Meites (born in Argentina in 1911) and naturalized french in 1932 and where he was buried with his wife Helene Landau without success. He was a pharmacist in the 10 th district of Paris.  
Best regards
Catherine JUROVSKY

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Dear Catherine,
This link to our "Journal Officiel des lois de la République, (JO)" where naturalization decrees are published, is working properly :;2
With name "Margolin", you get some replies including "Leon" : I attach pictures of the 2 pages, the one with Margolin, the last one of published list where he is listed, with decree's date.
To get a full copy of his naturalization file,, inquiry is :
"Naturalization file of Leon MARGOLIN, born 1878 July 3rd in Bratolioubovka (Russia), French by decree of 1932, August 21st, published in JO of 1932, August 28th page 9389.
I try to find data for Meites couple.
Bernard Flam
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