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I am looking for Reb Chaim Ozer's family tree.  A cousin told me we are related and I would be interested to confirm this.  If anyone has any information about this, I would love to hear from them

Menachem Schreiber

Have you seen the Geni.com world family tree?
If you need help on the site write to one of the curators.
I could help if you need.

Menachem Schreiber



Carola Murray-Seegert

Hi Sara, coincidentally I am also researching the Grodzins / Grodzenski surname - we are trying to figure out whether we have a connection to the poet and newspaper editor Arn-Yitskhok Grodzenski (1881 -1941) who was murdered in Vilno in the Shoah. I just learned that his paternal uncle was Reb Chaim Ozer.  Here is a link to biographical information from the Yiddisher Lexicon:

Let's stay in touch - I'm interested in what you learn.
Carola Murray-Seegert
Oberursel, Germany
Researching: GRODZENSKI / GRODZINS (Vilijampolé, Alitus, Miroslavas and Vilno Lithuania; Paris, France; Alexandria, Egypt; Tel Aviv Israel


Dear  Ms Adelson                                                                                          11th February 2021

There is a Family Grodzinski  in London--They have a Kosher Bakery shop --in EDGWARE;

4-6 The Promenade
Edgwarebury Lane   London HA8 7JZ
Tel: London : 0208 958 1205

I do not know, if they are the descendants of Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski or not.

Kind regards
Veronika Pachtinger
London UK