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Inacio Steinhardt

My late Mother born in Hungary used to sing an hymn which I, not knowing Hungarian thought to be Hatikva in her mother language.
The words that I remember ignoring the spelling went like this:

Oy ozisten ot megiget, visa hoja yerushalem mnet

Does anybody remember such a song?

Thank you
Inacio Steinhardt




The words are recognizable, yet with errors (does not mattet). It looks like they were like this

Ha az Isten megígért, visszahozza Jeruzsálemet

(means: If G-d promised it, he will return/bring back Jerusalem)


I have checked and have not found any song with this. It may have been a Hungarian Zionist song?



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Mentes a vírusoktól.

Susan stone

You asked about a Hungarian hymn.  If anyone would know it would be Keresz but could it be a line from the Kalever Rebbe's nigun...? 
Szol ha Kakas Mar?

Susan Stone
Evanston, IL

Inacio Steinhardt

Thank you so much for your contribution.
Now, at least I know the correct spelling and the meaning of the words that my Mother zªl used to sing.
However, I now remember one additional word that I have skipped AMIT.

Ha az Isten amit megigert viszahozza Jerzsalemet.

Does this make a difference?

Thank you again for your kindness

Inacio Steinhardt
Ganei Tikva, Israel

Eva Lawrence

The hungarian words and the rhythm certainly correspond to HaTikva, as
sung in Ivrit.
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Eva Lawrence

Perhaps I should have mentioned that HaTikva is the Israeli natuona anthem, since no-one else has. The tune is borrowed from Smetana's Ma Vlast.  In the Zionist  groupI belonged to as a teenager, it would be sing at the end of every meeting.
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.


Hello Everybody                                                  11th February  2021

As someone who was born and grew up in Hungary, please allow me to express how I feel about the Hungarian song: you mention
I visited Nagykallo   the Burial place of the  Kaleve Tzaddik   more than once --

In my perception, it is indeed could be the

" Szol a kakas mar  majd  meg virrad mar.
Kek erdoben  zold mezoben  setal  egy madar, de micsoda madar etc. 

Amit a Jo Teremto megigert/    whatever our  almighty G promised will be fulfilled 

I wonder, if I may mention: The  symbolical meaning of the song -of the
Szol a kakas mar--is extremely powerful.--for all of us who unwaveringly believe in the Torah 

" In my understanding, the sky opens up for a split second  sometimes at dawn --the  'special cock'  crocks in that very powerful moment when our wishes could reach?  be listened to ?  be granted?

Szol a  kakas mar  was/is  a song, from generations to generations :
in a way --from the cradle to the grave--and eternal song--

To my knowledge it is actually on you tube --the English translation varies a bit.

This is the song, which was sung by the present Kaleve Rabbi on the riverbank of the River Danube--Budapest
Remembering the Holocaust,
when the our Jewish brethren were ordered to take their shoes off ---and shut-- falling into the river Danube

There were /are some other famous Hungarian songs : like the Yiddishe Mumma etc.

Best wishes to Everybody at Jewish Gen

Kind regards
Veronika Pachtinger
London UK