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There is faint writing on the back of the photograph. I would appreciate translation.
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Herman Salmenson

Avi Markovitz

This look like a Hebrew date to me " ט"ו בתום היום א' דחול המועד סוכות תרנב"
I you do not read Hebrew, this means "on the 17th at the end of the day, first day of  hol hamoed hanuka, 1891" using abbreviation "א דחהס" to describe  the first day of hanika, and  the Hebrew year in Hebrew letters "תרנב". If I'm right that will be of the 17th October 1891eve....
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Avi Markovits

Chana Bonn

It says chol hamoed SUKKOT, not Chanukah.  
Chana Bonn


The holiday is Succot, not Hanuka
This is the night between October 17-18, 1891

Meir Razy
Kisfajn / Sfard / Rothenberg / Ruttenberg / Rojtenberg in Rovno,Volhynia
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Avi Markovitz

True' my bag, SUKKOT of course ...
Avi Markovits

There are some replies on viewmate which add more meaning. And ט"ו בתום היום is not the 17th of Tishrei.  The letter "nun" is quite clear in the second and third words and I am not sure why it seems to others to be a "tes".  The third word, in my view, reads "shana" but I cannot decipher the next word and it may be significant. I think the meaning may be "56 years old today, the first day of chol hamoed succos 5652 - 1891" , the age referring to the person in the photograph or telling the recipient how old the person is at that date (not when the photo was taken).

Laurence Kleerekoper


To me it reads
בן ט''ו שנה אני היום-א דחה''ס תרנב.
I think people are getting stuck on the 4th word because it is sloppy and the "yud" is lower than the other letters, but the "alef" is very clear and the "nun" is also pretty clear when you compare it to the other "nun"s.
If the individual on the picture looks to be about 15 then that would easily confirm my interpretation.
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD