contact needed in Zhitomir re gravestone REYDMAN #ukraine

Susan stone

Hello All...
I would appreciate any help if you are in Ukraine or know someone who track down the descendents of my great Aunt Esther REYDMAN.  I found out about her through my great Uncle (her brother)/s obit  .  Even my dad did not know about his aunt (his father's sister).  Please see the photos.  I found her gravestone in Zhitomir and it says she has children and grandchildren.  That was 1969.  I found out if this was truly my great aunt from a Nazi list on Yad Vashem which said she had been "evacuated" to another town and a man with the same name ,, too, had been "evacuated".    Her birthdate was just right so I am assuming it is her.  She was born in Narodici.
Can someone find her grandchildren or great grandchildren?  The Rabbi there already said no one is listed to take care of the grave.

There were 4 siblings and all were here in chicago except her.  Please see the photos and thank you.

Susan Stone
Evanston, IL

Harvey Stotland

If in your search you have found anything more about Narodici/ Zhitomir STOTLAND surname, I would be grateful.  I believe the STOTLAND family left before WWI but there may have been other branches who stayed... Thanks

Harvey Stotland
Харвей Стотланд
הארווי שטוטלנד


According to paternal great-grandchildren of Esther REYDMAN most likely live in Kiev, Nikolaev or Odessa. It's more difficult with great-grandchildren on the maternal side, you need to find out the last name. If you have idea how to do this, let me know. Perhabs I manage this. I live in Zhytomyr.

Oleg Khomenchuk
Олег Хоменчук

Molly Staub

Hi, My mother had a group of Gershman relatives who settled n Philadelphia and came from Zhytomyr. They attended all our Philadelphia celebrations, but I never knew how they were related. They were born from 1853 to 1901; the oldest name I've discovered was Leib/Louis. Is there a website or contact you might give me to learn more about this family of relatives? Also, I have another group from that area with the surname Chernivitsky (I know that's also a place name). In America, they changed it to Blackman/Schwartz. Don't ask me why -- maybe it sounded less Jewish to them? Thanks for any light you can shed, Molly Arost Staub. staubmolly@...
Boca Raton, FL
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