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Lowell Nigoff



I am researching my great grandmother Hinda SRULIKOFF from RESHITSA  about 1870-1895


Hinda married Gerson (Girsh) Unegovsky and had at least one child, Eliezer (later Louis) (b1893 d 1932)

The only reference I have to her is on the marriage certificate of her son, Louis Nigoff (born, Eliezer Unegovsky). She was likely born in Reshitsa and died very young.


Alternate spellings


Any information would be appreciated 


Lowell Reed Nigoff
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Hi Lowell,
Srulikoff or Srulikov are completely different names from Tsyrulnikov/Tsirulnikov.  The prior is based on the name Срулик/Srulik (Israel), while the latter is based on an archaic term цирюльник/tsiryulnik (barber).

You tagged the post with "belarus" and "russia" tags.  Is there a Reshitsa in either of these countries?  I know there is one in Romania.

Mike Vayser

Lowell Nigoff

Thanks you for replying. 

"Srulikoff" is how my grandfather spelled the name on his marriage application.  

The town is located in Belarus. Its coordinates are 52°21′50″N 30°23′41″E

Thank you for the information on Tsyrulnikov/Tsirulnikov.

Very helpful, 

Sincerely, Lowell Nigoff, Lexington, KY USA


Thanks!  Looks like it's actually spelled Rechitsa, not Reshitsa - "chess" sound, instead of a "shoe" sound.
Part of the Gomel rayon now, uezd capital in Minsk governorate until 1920's.  Likely some documents have been moved to the Gomel archive, while others are in the Minsk archive.

It's interesting that the Rechitsa cemetery doesn't have any recent burials with people with the Srulikov last name, but several Tsyrulnikovs.
Perhaps, the stones haven't survived or haven't been photographed.

Mike Vayser

Gerald and Margaret

Do check out the following website.  and look at their project on 'your' Cemetery


Good hunting,
Margaret Levin
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Sherri Bobish


Try searching The JewishGen Belarus Database.

I searched for town Rechytsa and got lots of hits.  I only looked very quickly at some of the hits, and found at least one person TSIRULNIK, Ruvin, from Rechytsa, living in Minsk.

Try reading through all the hits for the town, and also try a soundex search on the surname.

Louis NIGOFF's 1916 marriage record can be viewed at

Louis' father is listed as:  Gerson
Louis' mother as: Hilda SRULIKOFF

A photo of Louis' tombstone is here:

Louis' naturalization papers can also be seen at

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish