Świrz/Svirzh 1845 Cadastral Field Sketch Map – now on the Gesher Galicia Map Room #poland #galicia #ukraine

Jay Osborn

New on the Gesher Galicia Map Room: An 1845 cadastral field sketch map
of the town of Świrz (now Svirzh in western Ukraine):


This is a full-color preliminary survey field sketch map of
Świrz/Svirzh, very rough geographically but highly detailed. Six
sheets give an overview of the village with roads, the reservoir, and
many small houses along the main roads and waterways and ringing the
residential core. In a separate section below the overview, three
sheets sketched at higher scale show the main residential area of the
village, plus the 15th-century castle near the reservoir and the main
village church. The overview also shows two Jewish cemeteries, one at
the southern edge of the village center, the other just south of the
reservoir on a high hill overlooking the castle. This stitched digital
composite map was assembled and presented in interactive format by
Gesher Galicia. The original paper map is preserved by the Central
State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv (TsDIAL).

The image attached to this post is a low-resolution preview; to see
the complete interactive map at full resolution, click the link above
and zoom in.

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villages, visit the Gesher Galicia Map Room:


Jay Osborn
Gesher Galicia Digital Maps Manager
Lviv, Ukraine