Searching for Ritevsky/Rits origins in Lithuania #belarus #lithuania


I am searching for the origins of the Ritevsky/Rits genealogical line in Lithuania. I have information indicating that it may have started in the village/town of Vilkaviskis, in south-east Suwalki Gubernia in the 1700's. Later, Ritevskys are found in Minsk in the 1870's and 1880's owning a chain of shops that specialized in selling collars, cuffs, etc. They immigrated to the U.S. in the early 1890's and changed their surname to Rits. I would welcome any help in learning more about their origins/early ancestors or their businesses in the Minsk region.
Thank You,
George Mason

Researching MOZESON in Lithuania, Poland, and Latvia,
NATHANSON in Lithuania and Latvia, and ORABENA/ARABENA in Spain.

Gerald and Margaret

I suggest you look at the website of a charity based in London and Belarus:
It helps Jews in Belarus become self-sufficient.  One project is genealogical research.  They have the huge advantage of being based in Belarus, knowing all the relevant languages, plus the ability to navigate through the local bureaucracies.
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Margaret Levin
London UK