Birth in Csécse #hungary #records

Iris Israeli

Hello, I am looking for the birth record of Reiner Simon, born in  Csécse - probably on September 18, 1826.
I couldn't find it in JewishGen. And he wasn't in the census of 1848 or 1869.
I did find him as the father of some of his children (with his wife Pepi / Pessel / Jozefa Seidner), that were born in 
Gyöngyös , but I didn't find birth records of the other children who were born in other places. 

Thank you very much!
Iris Israeli
Petah-Tikva, Israel


If you searched the 1848 records on Jewishgen you should be aware that it’s incomplete, you need to look at the original documents on FamilySearch.
Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne, Australia