Birth in Csécse #hungary #records


If you searched the 1848 records on Jewishgen you should be aware that it’s incomplete, you need to look at the original documents on FamilySearch.
Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne, Australia

Iris Israeli

Hello, I am looking for the birth record of Reiner Simon, born in  Csécse - probably on September 18, 1826.
I couldn't find it in JewishGen. And he wasn't in the census of 1848 or 1869.
I did find him as the father of some of his children (with his wife Pepi / Pessel / Jozefa Seidner), that were born in 
Gyöngyös , but I didn't find birth records of the other children who were born in other places. 

Thank you very much!
Iris Israeli
Petah-Tikva, Israel