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these records have no records to synagogue at all.  It was a state-appointed official, aka crown rabbi (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_rabbi_(Russia) ), who was in charge of maintaining vital records.  All vital records from Jewish, Christian-Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim, etc officials were transferred to a newly established civil registration authorities around 1918-1920.  In Odessa that happened in 1919.
The additional dates you see in the records could have been when he requested an official transcript for some purpose, such as a University admission, internal passport, etc.

Mike Vayser



I have obtained a copy of Birth vitals for who I believe to be my grandfathers uncle, he was born in Odessa in January 1909.
There are two additional dates that have been applied to the records sometime after 1909. Do they have any relevance and/or imply a continued association with the synagogue?

Under the metric reference - there is the date 13th March 1930 - so he would have just turned 21.
Under the circumcision date - there is the additional date 30th October 1924.

Many thanks

Neil Ashton
London UK
Interested in Locations: Berdichev/Odessa.
Surnames: Nesanelis/Litinzisky (to name but two)