Additional Kiev Jewish metrical books posted to Ukrainian Archives website #ukraine #russia

Ted Gostin

This is an update to my post from last November 6, listing the Jewish metrical books (birth, marriage and death records) for Kiev city digitized by the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Kiev that go beyond the books digitized by Alex Krakovsky.  Alex's page of Kiev city vital records can currently be found at:

The Ukrainian Archives had previously digitized the Jewish vital records up to 1901.  They have now posted additional books up through 1912.  The full list of Kiev Jewish metrical books digitized by the Ukrainian Archives can be found at:  These include the following books not found on Alex's website.  

Kiev Jewish births 1902 - book 2

Kiev Jewish births 1903

Kiev Jewish births 1905

Kiev Jewish births 1906

Kiev Jewish births 1911 - books 1 & 2

Kiev Jewish births 1912 - books 1 & 2

Kiev Jewish marriages 1904

Kiev Jewish marriages 1908 - books 1 & 2

Kiev Jewish marriages 1910 - books 1 & 2

Kiev Jewish marriages 1912 - books 1 & 2

Kiev Jewish deaths 1907

Kiev Jewish deaths 1912 - books 1 & 2

As with the previous message, several things should be noted.  First, the item numbers  (sprava numbers in Alex's page) are not the same on Alex's website and the Archives website.  It appears that the books were renumbered when the archives began doing their own scans, and so the "sprava" ("delo" in Russian) numbers are no longer the same as those on Alex's website.  The images, however, are of the same books listed on Alex's website, just with different "sprava" numbers.

Second, while Alex's scans are in the format of one large PDF file with images of all pages of one book, the Ukrainian Archives scans are in the format of one PDF scan per page.  This makes it very difficult to quickly download a full year's book.  The book can be reviewed page by page online, however, rather quickly with a fast internet connection, and the scans are of very high resolution.  They are in grayscale, though, as opposed to the color scans often found on Alex's website.  

Finally, while I haven't listed them here, the divorce books have also been digitized.

With the books now digitized on these two websites, researchers of Jewish families in Kiev now have access to all surviving Jewish birth, marriage, divorce and death records from Kiev city between 1863 and 1912.  Since so many Jewish Ukrainian families had family that ended up in Kiev at one time or another, this is a great book to Jewish researchers.

Ted Gostin
Sherman Oaks, CA

Ted Gostin

This is a just a correction to my last post on the additional Jewish vital records from Kiev city.

The images on the website of the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Kiev are in .JPG format, and not in .PDF format, as mistakenly stated in the previous post.

Ted Gostin
Sherman Oaks, CA 

Thank you Ted for showing us where these records can be accessed.  
To help with my own search, it would be nice to have a translation of the column headings from Russian to English as well as an idea of where the names of the individuals are listed in each entry.  
Thank you
Karen Silver
Researching Potschinko, Putchinsky, Puczinska, Puchinsky from KIEV


Dear Ted,

This is phenomenal! Thank you so  much for posting the books. Any chance of locating Kiev marriage registries from 1896 and 1897? Or at least point me toward them. The marriage index book finally pinpointed my great-grandparents' year of marriage.

One more question: is it possible that more than one Jewish registry existed in Kiev? I know for a fact that both sides of my grandparents' families were born in Kiev, but found only a couple of the children, even knowing exact birthdays.

Really appreciate your work.

Mikhailina Karina