Original personal name for USA Nettie #general


My mother's name was Nettie. Her name on her passenger list was Neche. That was her name in Belarus, but she evidently changed it in the U.S.A. as did all of her sisters who also had more Yiddish names.

Florence Gurwin

Jill Whitehead

I have family members who were called Asnah (Nessie) and Henrietta (Hetty) who were also known as Nettie and other things at various times. I have also come across Jeannette too shortening to Nettie. Longer names tend to be shortened and shorter names tend to be lengthened in nick- names.

One of my great grandmothers, Hadassah, was also known as Basha, Bertha, Betsy, etc. Another of my great grandmothers, also called Hadassah, was known as Ada. Her granddaughter had the middle name Esther as I understand Hadassah and Esther are interchangeable.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Irene Bowen

Our ancestor Nettie's name was Nestle..  Her Hebrew name was Nesheh or Nesia.

Irene Bowen
Silver Spring, MD, USA


My grandmother's name was Nettie. She was born Necha. Necha was a fairly common Yiddish name. I am sure that it was derived from the Hebrew name Nechama.
Karen Rothaus Rosenthal
Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

Rodney Eisfelder

Consider also Jeanette. My grandmother's cousin's sister-in-law was Jeanette, but known as Nettchen to everyone.

Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Sherri Bobish

Hi Ada,

I assume you refer to Nettie as a first name?  If you can locate Nettie's tombstone than her Hebrew name, along with her father's, may be found there.

If you post here in the discussion list Nettie's surname, approx. year of birth, and where she immigrated (The U.S., or other country?) and any other pertinent data that you know, than researchers here will help you in seeking her original name.

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish


There are two Netties in my family tree. One was originally name Nechame. The other was Naomi. Naomi also used the name Norma in the U.S.
Richard Gross
Guilford, Connecticut, USA


My maternal grandmother, whose original Hebrew name was Nechama, and later known as Nellie, has been listed in additional documents as Nettie and Nechie.

Neilan Stern:   neilan1@...

searching for:   Stern, Pistrong, Brand - Radomysl Wielki Poland;  Black, Schwarz, Isakson, Finklestein - Nesvizh, Minsk;   Aronovsky, Portnoy, Siegal - Vilijampole, Kaunas (Kovno) Lithuania;


In the case of Hassan Netti from Kula and later Budapest, Netti’s given name was Etel and her religious name Eszter. I’ve also heard Nettie derived from Annette. 

Beth Steiner Jones

ada zig

I've tried various searches but cannot locate the pre-immigration personal name likely before Nettie. Many thanks for your help.