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Joyce Rangen

I’m trying to locate information on Simon Kra (1853-1940) and his family. Simon was born in Frankfurt but moved to Paris and was a successful publisher there. I don’t know his wife’s name, but they were my maternal grandmother’s uncle and aunt.

My grandmother was Blanche (Cohn) Bell (1891-1975). Her parents were David Cohn (1855-1928) and Hedwig (Meyer) Cohn (1865-1944). I don’t know if it is Simon Kra or his wife who were related to either David or Hedwig Cohn.

Simon Kra and his wife had three children. The son, Lucien, was killed at Auschwitz along with his family. There were two daughters. Helene Marcelle Kra (1900-1972), and Suzanne Kra.


Joyce Rangen


Hi Joyce 

Did you look at the Archives de Paris online?
They have the birth, marriage and death records online.

and also the census lists of 1926, 1931, 1936 are online.

Did you look at the Mémorial de la Shoah database about the deportation-lists from Paris-Drancy to Auschwitz?

Corinne Iten
Lucerne, Switzerland

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Dear Joyce,
Apart from our typical genealogy researches, you can find a lot on "your" Simon Kra and his family.

Unknown from me five minutes ago, I entered "Simon Kra " to search French Google : never forget Google at a search's start !

I found he had been an important book editor in Paris before 1939.
As his children are named in these articles, we can be sure it's "your" Simon.

A full article had even  been written on him in French Wikipedia :éditions_du_Sagittaire
and you can access some others.
He wrote 2 or 3 books.
You can use direct translation to English if your French isn't ... nobody is perfect.

On another point, I checked French white pages : more than 150 persons are named "Kra"...
I search some others clues.

Bernard Flam
Archives & history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund / Workmen Circle of France)

David Choukroun

Hello Joyce, Bernard, Corinne,

Simon KRA (real name Salli KRA) was married to Marguerite MEYER (connected to Hedwig MEYER)
source : Archive de Paris as per Corinne"s advice

A naturalisation as French citizen can be found in the 1884 year records
source : as usual -- Journal Officiel de la République Française

A lot can be found either via Google , either via as well
Especially in the French Press as this was a famous library




Hi all,

I thought I would share here a summary of what I found that can be of general interest :
- Salli Kra (born Krah) was born 20 March 1853 in Frankfurt, Germany. He was the 4th child.
- From what I see in the original (handwritten) records, both his parents seem to have come from the town of Norden near Hanover.
- The father, Joseph Jacob, was a teacher in the jewish community

Wikipedia page on Simon (Salli) Kra :
Notes on Lucien Kra, son of Simon Kra :

I've also privately sent Joyce more complete data.

Best Regards from Paris
Daniel Mayer