Seeking Rose GORDON # general #ukraine

sharon yampell

With all of the posts about the GORDON last name, I again would like to see if anyone can help me find my great grandmother’s sister.  Her name was Rose POVOLTZKY (or any other reasonable permutation) and she married a man with the last name of GORDON.  I do not know anything else about her; like the year she was born or her husband’s first name, if she had children or even if she came to the United States from Odessa.  A few of the cousins think she may have lived in Coney Island or somewhere else in Brooklyn.  There are so many Rose GORDONS!


She is mentioned in brother Louis Powell’s obituary in Philadelphia in .1949.  As of this writing, I do not know if there were other children.  I have the following  children of Joseph and (possibly) Rachael Povolotzky:  Feige (my great grandmother Fanny born in about 1878). Rose, Jonas (John born in 1883), Louis, (1888) and Dora (about 1886)…


Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, New Jersey