Need help translating Hebrew on gravestones & memorial plaques #names #translation

Valentin Lupu

Here are the translations, in the same order. I didn't translate the Hebrew dates. "Ben" means son of, "bat" means daughter. Reb is only an honorific term it doesn't mean Rabbi.
  • Abraham Zelig ben Velvel
  • Chaia Rachel bat Yehoshua
  • Liber ben Schnior
  • Here lies Pascha bat Tzvi HaCohen
  • Pessal bat Herschel Tzvi HaCohen
  • Sarah bat Yehuda
  • Here lies our dear father Tevie ben Reb Tzvi Hirsch
  • Our dear mother Mrs. Deba Dvorah bat Reb Yaakov
  • Dvorah bat Yaakov
  • Gitel bat Reb Meir Halevi
  • Our dear father Tzvi ben Yishaia
  • Tzvi ben Yishayahu
  • Yaakov ben Tzvi
  • Chaim Leib ben Reb Avraham Zelig

Valentin Lupu

Chloe Kogan

Hello! I recently posted a few gravestones and a couple of memorial plaques, and the community was immediately and completely helpful with translating the Hebrew into English. Those translations really jump started my research and helped me discover additional gravestones and memorial plaques. I'm posting a total of 14 items below that I would greatly appreciate help with translating to English. I'm sorry for the large number of images and I don't mean to ask too much of the community or abuse your generosity. Thank you in advance for all your time and help!

  • Abraham Fisher memorial plaque
  • Arline Fisher memorial plaque
  • Leo Fisher memorial plaque
  • Pauline Fisher gravestone
  • Pauline Fisher memorial plaque
  • Sarah Fisher memorial plaque
  • David Fisher gravestone
  • Dora Fisher gravestone
  • Dora Fisher memorial plaque
  • Gussie Fisher memorial plaque
  • Harry Fisher gravestone
  • Harry Fisher memorial plaque
  • Jacob Fisher memorial plaque
  • Lawrence Fisher memorial plaque
Chloë Kogan
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Researching surnames:
Kogan, Fisher, Margolis, Bercovici