Chelmno - Fate of Buchbinder Family (6 Members) #poland #lodz

Lewis, Megan

Much of the Lodz ghetto material, including the transportation lists, has been indexed by the World Memory Project.  The World Memory Project is a collaboration between the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and The records are freely available to search at you do not need to have a paid subscription to Ancestry. Instructions on requesting copies of the documents from USHMM are in each record.

Megan Lewis
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Dear Lisa, 
I just copy what I have already replied many times on this forum :
  • Lodz hadn't been destroyed during Shoah and WWII, so all vital records are available from 1850 (ca. establishment of this city) to 1939.
  • During Shoah (Holocaust), you know Lodz had been transformed in a large ghetto, from early 1940 to June 1944, where ca. 240.000 of our Lost survived and died (in Chelmno and elsewhere)
  • During ghetto period, its Judenrat (Jewish administration under nazi rules) had ca. 14.000 clercs : they filed ca. 800.000 pages of archives which hadn't been destroyed and are available at USHMM : thanks again Ms. Megan Lewis, Library Referee who helped me to discover and understand structure of these huge archives. USHMM "Finding Aid" is 165 page thick, enough to present ca. 800 rolls of 1000 microfilms. You can download it on USHMM web site.
  • Now, a large part of these archives are available on Polish State archives at . These archives are same microfilms as USHMM, but aren't already fully on line.
  • With these archives, you can follow fate of almost all our Losts, from their early entrance in ghetto to their last day...
  • "Residents" lists have been indexed by Yad Vashem and ORFLI : they are available in JewishGen, as are ID card of ghetto workers.
  • But you have much more to find in these archives, survival and final destruction of the 2nd largest Jewish community of Poland...
  • In Israel, OFRLI, Organization of former Lodz Inhabitants, display ca. 10.000 pictures taken in Lodz ghetto and a lot of informations :
        For me who is lucky to have tens of pictures of my Lodzer family, I can't look at these pictures without trying to recognize my Losts...

Bernard Flam
Archives & history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund / Workmen Circle of France)


Many Buchbinder's  from Lodz listed in Yad Vashem

Also try Arolsen Archives - - Buchbinder listed there. 

JewishGen has information on the  JewishGen Holocaust list.

Dassy Wilen

Flohr, Schachter, Hirsch, Wilensky, Trembitsky


My father's entire family Kalb, 6 members  (3 sisters, 1 brother, mother and father) were also on the transport March 24, 1942. I got the information on Jewish Gen
Lodz Ghetto records. It gave their names, previous addresses, addresses in the ghetto, birthdate, occupation and transport date. My father had been sent to slave labor camps and then Auschwitz and on the death march to Mittelbau Dora. He managed to survive that hell.
Why do you want to know?  Just curious.

My name is Carole Kalb Levy


My name is: Lisa N. Weinstock Smith
How can I find information on those transported by train from Lodz to Chelmno on March 24, 1942?