Pikeliai/Pikeln #lithuania #photographs

ms nodrog

I would love to have this info since my father and his family were from Pikeliai.  I have written to you directly and look forward to your contact.
Hope Gordon

Richard Gross

Dear All

I have three laminated photos of the 500th anniversary of Pikeliai, 1430-1930 with some, perhaps all, of the residents under a large banner. The bottom half of a Magen David is clear at the top in middle.

I have two other photos, one showing 13 children seated in front of a building site with men working with wood mainly and the other, rather dark, showing seated children in small field in front of some houses.

I have two photocopies of a message in possibly Yiddish.

I have a family group of an unknown family also a photocopy someone sent me in 1998.

I sent copies to Deena Berton in Boston who was CEO of the Pikeliai research team a long time ago.

I was also in touch with Mike Nathanson but have lost the correspondence and his contact details.
If anyone would like these I’m happy to post them on as I have no use for them. They were sent to me in April 1998 by Jacobo Klip in Mexico City whose letter I also have. 

Best regards
Beulah Gross in Australia