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Moe D

I'm a descendant of rabbi Yaakov Moshe charlap. I haven't chanced upon too many relatives that are descendants of him as well. I know that there was a rabbi in new york, by the name of rabbi yechiel michel charlap. If anyone has a file with a list of all  his descendants, and also a couple of photos, it would be cool to see.
Moe Dinkel

Avrum Lapin

The definitive Charlap authority is "The Book of Destiny" by Arthur F. Menton (still available at Amazon and some public libraries

Avrum Lapin
Upland, CA

Searching Lapin, Lapunsky (from Grodno and Amdur) and Lubell, Lubelski (from Bialystok) 

J.R. Silver

The Rabbi of Międzyrzec Podlaski, Poland ( Yiddish -Mezritch), during the C19 was one of the Charlap dynasty. A JRI-Poland search reveals a large number of BMD records for the name ‘CHARLAP’, of whom 60 are in Siedlce Gubernia. There is an interesting Miedzyrzec Marriage Record, 1881 M #46, between Moszka CHARLAP and Sura Rywka CHARLAP , clearly some sort of cousin marriage, which might be worth following up. The scanned image of the original record, which is in the Lublin branch of the Polish State Archives, can be viewed online.
It would be a good way forward to try to relate the family line that you have by word-of-mouth evidence with records available on JRI-Poland.

Judith Silver
London, UK

Researching` KUPERSZTEIN/KUPERSZTEJN, ROZEN, ZYLBERKRANC, from Międzyrzec Podlaski; PITERMAN, PRZEKUPNIK from Biała Podlaska ; KUPERSZTEJN from Pratulin, Janow Podlaski, Włodawa, Terespol; COOPERSTEIN , PETERMAN, from Cardiff, UK