looking for any relatives. Listed on my birth certificate is George White and Irene Arrow from San Francisco, California. I was adopted #usa


Hi to all,
I just joined this site after finding through dna that I am 49.9% Ashkenski jewish! I am so happy to find this information. I was given away at birth and know nothing of my genetics. I am desperate to find any information. I was born July 19,1947 in Bakersfield , California in Kern County. Listed on my birth certificate is George White and Irene Arrow from San Franciso, California. I am not sure if this is correct information. I was given to Floyd and Estelle Le May and never formally adopted. If anyone has any information, I would be enterally grateful!
Deanna LeMay Cole


Hi Cole

Did you try to find them in the 1940 census lists, in the old City directories of San Francisco or in the old newspapers of San Francisco or California?


Did you try to find some military records for George White in WWII or later? They should be available either on familysearch or ancestry or fold3.

Corinne Iten


Dear Cole                                                                           2nd March 2021

First of all, I wish you success, to be able to discover your biological parents and connect with  them,  their descendants , if any.

Sadly you are not alone, who have no alternative but to navigate this extremely sensitive journey.

I wonder, may I  politely suggest to research not only the family name  White, but Weisz/Weiss as well.

I am aware many Weisz/Weiss  families changed their surname to White.  

Also, I came across often Iren--the Jewish name is Rifka 

As for Estelle,( La May)  I wonder, it might be Esther--I call my grand-daughter, Esty--Estelle etc.

Please try to allocate time and check not only secular but Jewish Synagogue--birth marriage death--cemetery records

Best wishes and good luck
Veronika Pachtinger
London UK


To make things more complicated, try searching for Irene Aaron.  Your mother might be the Jewish side.
Fred Millner, Trenton, NJ