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Can people point me towards accounts relating to the German-Jewish life in Jackson Heights, New York in the 1930s-60s? I'm looking for anything – such as published or unpublished personal memoirs, fictionalised accounts, academic studies or photos. There's quite a lot that's easily available on German-Jews in Washington Heights, but so far I've not found anything on Jackson Heights, despite the fact that significant numbers also lived in that neighbourhood.

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Oliver Marshall

London – England



I lived in Jackson Heights from when I was born in 1950 to the 1970's. During those early years there was a large Jewish community although I wouldn't characterize it as German-Jewish. Most of the people I knew were second generation Jews who families left the Lower East Side to settle in neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Bronx, and in my father's case Rockaway. Jackson Heights in 1950's was a temporary stopping point for many of these families as they moved on to the suburbs of Long Island and New Jersey. In the 1950's almost all my friends were Jewish but by the time I went to Junior High School (13 years old) they were almost all gone. There were 2 synagogues in my neighborhood: one was Conservative and the other was an Orthodox Young Israel.

I'm not sure if any of this helps. Please contact me if you need any more information.

Eric Tishman

Researching: Tishman, Yurik, Becker/Packer, Gordon, Finkelstein, Herzfeld, Horneburg, Nierenburg, Gamarnick, Smolin/Smolinsky, Weinstein, Brilliant, Mellon/Millonchick

Harriet Mayer

There was a  large German-Jewish Community of refugees in Kew Gardens, which is near Jackson Heights. There were German style bakeries, restaurants and a hotel. There was a small Orthodox synagogue founded by the German immigrants. 

Harriet Mayer
New York NY

Rick Luftglass

The Queens Independent Society founded in Jackson Heights in 1919 originally was mostly German Jewish. It evolved into the Jewish Community Center of Jackson Heights. A little info here:

Rick Luftglass

Ralph Baer

My great aunt (mother's mother's sister) was born in Germany and lived in Kew Gardens. Members of her husband's family, also Jews from Germany, lived nearby as did a lot of friends. My paternal grandparents, as I mentioned on another thread, were in Jackson Heights.
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