Help with Amsterdam marriage records 1796/5556 #general


Shalom friends, 

I hope you are all keeping well. 

I am trying to find the parents of my ancestor Clara Barends, born 1758 in Amsterdam. I know from records she married civilly in January 1796, so was thinking her Hebrew record might be somewhere in these pages:
Although I am a Hebrew speaker, I find it quite hard to make out the names in this old handwriting. 

Could someone be so kind as to look through these pages to see if they can find the marriage record of Abraham Gerson Horologie Levie Orloos (her husband) and Clara Kleer (Klaartje) BarendsThey married civilly in January 1796, so I am thinking their marriage record will be around שבט תקנו. 
The documents are here:

Thank you very much indeed. 

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Yoav Aran


I have a few BARENDSE (notice the final E) in my tree that may be related, but no Clara. Spelling in the 18th century was fluid, so try some variations of the surname.

Henry Best,
London, UK.


Hi Yoav, 

I briefly looked at this collection of scanned documents. In  their title is says Tnaim Rishonim meaning it is financial agreement between both families at the engagement party. In most Jewish communities this would happen some time before the actual wedding. 
From this, I believe that you should change the time bracket of your search for a pertinent document.

Best regards, 
Laurent Kassel 
Moreshet, Israel 


Laurent Kassel: That is actually clear from the texts and the dates in the text.
Inside the text the date is given that the parties agreed to get married by. Near the bottom of the text it says the date the document was drawn up. It differs from one month to 2 years. As such, even if this family actually made this Tnaim Rishonim (not everyone did) and even if the earlier documents exist, it would be near impossible to know at which date to look.

N. Aronson
Manchester UK