Forum for Dialogue Zoom: The Shoah in Lodz #poland #lodz #announcements

Mark Halpern

Dear Fellow Genealogists:

Continuing on with programs about Lodz, the Forum for Dialogue presents an educator who will talk about the Shoah in Lodz. This subject should be of interest to those with ancestry in Lodz as well as those with an interest in the history of the Jews in Poland.

The quality of the speakers presented by the Forum has been excellent and I would expect the same this week.

Join me this Wednesday, March 3 at 10 am Pacific time, 1 pm Eastern time, 6 pm in UK, 8 pm in Israel for a very worthwhile discussion.

Mark Halpern

Next week, we will have an opportunity to meet with Andrzej Grzegorczyk, an activist, an educator, and a museum professional who has been involved in commemoration and research on the Shoah in Lodz since 2004.  Between 2013-2016 Andrzej worked in the Museum of the Former German Kulmhof Death Camp in Chelmno on Ner. Since 2017 our guest has worked as a curator at the Radegast Station memorial, currently serving as the interim head of the institution. He is responsible for educational initiatives involving scale model of the Litzmannstadt-Ghetto.  
Join us for a conversation with Andrzej Grzegorczyk to discuss his involvement in education about the Shoah in Lodz, on Wednesday, March 3rd, at 10 am Pacific, 12 pm Central, 1 pm Eastern, 7 pm Warsaw, 8 pm Tel-Aviv time.


Andrzej Grzegorczyk sees his educational activities as the most important part of his activist and professional work. As he says: "Provoking questions and spending hours discussing the tragedy that was the Shoah makes me feel that what I do is important. In these moments I know that the memory of the past is more than just history, but also an experience that can have a transformative effect on us all, being able to counteract evil towards any of us here and now." I hope you will consider joining us for this session and get to know Andrzej, a member of Leaders of Dialogue network which brings together activists involved in Polish/Jewish dialogue, combating antisemitism, teaching about Jewish history and culture and preserving local Jewish heritage. 
Looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming Zoom in on the Forum sessions, 

Olga Kaczmarek
Director General