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My great-aunt Sarah COLLE Goldner traveled  from  Montreal to the United States in 1937 to visit her married daughter. She reported on the border-crossing document that she was born in 1886 in BOHUSS NEAMTA, Romania. I can't locate a town by that name in Romania. Can someone tell me what it is called today and where it is located in Romania?

Also, her border-crossing document to visit her daughter in the U.S. lists a Leon Hu under "Departure Contact Name" and  Jacob So under "Accompanied by Name." Those names are not our family names and are unfamiliar to me. It is curious that she listed someone unrelated to her (Leon Hu) as her departure contact rather than a family member. She was married with grown children and living in Montreal with her husband. It is probably unknowable, but maybe someone has an idea.  
Anne Lobel Armel

Theo Rafael

Hi there,

IT may be advisable to post the actual document, sometimes the transcription is incorrect.
In any event, I think it's probably Buhusi, back at the end of the 19th century it was part of the county of Neamt apparently, and one of the name variants is Bohus.


Searching for:
RAFAEL - Algyogy/Geoagiu and other towns in Transylvania
DEUTSCH and WEISSKOPF  -Ókanizsa / Magyarkanizsa / Kanjiza in Serbia / former Austria-Hungary/ Yugoslavia.
MARMOR, SPITZ, KOHN, HERZLINGER in Deva/ Arad / Sibiu regions of Transylvania 
BLEICHER (Moldova/Bukovina). And many many more :)



I believe the town is Buhusi, it belongs today to the Bacau county by it's near the Neamt county which borders changed over the century.

My paternal family was from this town.
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Francois Chetreanu

Avrohom Krauss

You are looking for Buhuşi, Romania: 46°43' N, 26°42' E which was in the district of Neamt
Avrohom Krauss
Kiryat Yearim (Telz-Stone) ISRAEL
Researching: KRAUS, GOTTFRIED, MONAT from PRZEMYSL (Galicia) Poland/ KINSTLICH, GREENBERG, SCHMIDT from Tarnobrzeg, Rozwadow, Ulanow (Galicia) Poland
KLOTZ from Telsiai, Lithuania/ ROGOZIN, KAPLOWITZ, from Vyazyn, Ilya, Vilyayka, Belarus /LAPIDUS, SOKOLSKY, ROGOZIN, Maladzyechna, Belarus


Regarding « Leon Hu under "Departure Contact Name" and  Jacob So under "Accompanied by Name. ».
Hu and So are most certainly short for family names.
My hunch is that they are abbreviated because they refer to names mentioned in the same document. 

I suggest you search for a person named Jacob Soxxx who crossed the border at the same place and date. Chances are that you will find the complete name of « So » and that « Hu » might be referred under his full name as the departure contact of « So ».
If possible, scroll the border crossing documents in both directions, starting from your 
great-aunt Sarah. 

Daniel Ewenczyk
Paris, France

Researching: Ewenczyk, Evenchik (Minsk), Receptor, Retsepter (Luboml).

Joel Ives

My MENDEL grandmother and many others in my family were born and/or died in Buhusi, Romania  Vital records still exist however, you need to hire a Romanian researcher in order to access the files. My grandmother Fanny (Freida Sura Mendel) was born there is 1881. Following is the translation from Romanian of my grandmother's birth record. It clearly matches your reference for "Bohuss" (actually Buhusi.) . You should be able to obtain a copy of your great-aunt's birth record and other vital records for those in your family who lived there in the 1800's.


BIRTH CERTIFICATE No 44 delivered on (Wednesday) June 30, 1881, 3 P.M.


Birth certificate of FREIDA - SURA, female, born yesterday in Buhusi, in her parents' house situated on the street going to Bacau, daughter of IOSUB MENDEL CROITORU (the tailor), 48 years old, and VICHE (read like Vicke) MENDEL, 40 years old, both tailors, living in Buhusi.

The father who presented the child to us declared the birth.

Witnesses: Avram Goldstein, 25 years old, tailor and Itzic Croitoru, 50 years old, tailor, both of them friends with the child's parents and living in Buhusi.

The witnesses signed this certificate together with the father of the child and us. 

Acknowledged according to the legal procedures by us, Nicu Toderascu, the Mayor of Buhusi, Bistritza Department, Neamtz District, and Civil Estate Officer also.

Signatures: father, witnesses, Civil Estate Officer
Joel Ives
Fair Lawn, New Jersey USA



We do have ALL civil records from BUHUSI 1865 thru 1915
Luc Radu
Great Neck NT

Joel Ives

Everyone in the bottom row was born in Buhusi.  I have all of their birth records which were obtained by a professional researcher years ago. I'm looking for the death record for Victoria "Viche" Mendel Icovich who died in Buhusi about 1903 and possibly Joseph's parents.  Any suggestions?

Joel Ives
Fair Lawn, New Jersey USA