Friedman in Courland 1825 - 1875 #courland

Judith F. Russell

Our informal Friedman family records indicate Courland roots for the
family before they moved to Pasvalys, Lithuania.  One of the children
named her birthplace as "Riga, the port of Courland."  Another named
Kurland as his birthplace on his USA WWII draft registration.  The
youngest child, Hyman, was born in Pasvalys in 1876, but his older
brother born in 1875 named Kurland as his birthplace, so it seems that
the timeframe of 1875-1876 places the move to Lithuania.

The family went by the surname Abramovitz during their time in
Pasvalys, but used the name Friedman upon their emigration in mid
1880s to Western Pennsylvania, USA.

In Courland, the Friedman family should have been as listed below, but
no Latvian records for the family have been found at JewishGen or's Jewish Databases.   I would be very happy to answer
questions about the family or to hear any thoughts or suggestions
about further research.

Judith Friedman Russell
Brookhaven, Georgia, USA

Father:  Moses Shuml Friedman
First wife, unknown
Second wife, Mere Gita Caesarsky/Tsarsky of Panevezys

Descendants of Moshe Shuml Friedman/Abramovitz

    1      Moshe Shuml Friedman/Abramovitz    b: Abt. 1830 in Kurland,
Latvia /Ponevez, Lithuania            d: 29 Oct 1914 in Pittsburgh PA.
..        +?Sora Pesa
.    2      Chava Stera Friedman
.....        +Yudelovitz
        *2nd Wife of Moshe Shuml Friedman/Abramovitz:
..        +Miriam-Gittel/Margaret Kayserling/Czarsky    b: Abt. 1830
in Ponevez, Lithuania    Father: Aizky
Keyserling/Czarsky/Kayserling/chesarski            m: Abt. 1850
.    2      Minka/Michla/Mina Friedman    b: in Ponevez, Lithuania
.....        +Iokel Milner
.    2      Shalom Friedman    b: in Kurland/Ponevez, Lithuania
.    2      Simca Friedman    b: in Kurland/Ponevez, Lithuania
.    2      Gershon Friedman    b: Apr 1853 in Kurland/Ponevez,
Lithuania            d: 14 Jan 1937 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny,
.....        +Libby Frankenstein    b: 1856 in Verzhbelov,
Vilkaviskis, Lithuania    Father: Aaron Frankenstein    Mother: Etta
Adas    d: 28 Jan 1929 in Pittsburgh, Beacon Street    m: Nov 1878
.    2      ?Saul H. Friedman    b: Feb 1856 in Kurland/Ponevez,
.....        +Fannie Feige Romano    b: Apr 1857            d: 21 Sep
1945 in Baltimore, MD
.    2      Rebecca Friedman    b: 29 Mar 1863 in Riga, Latvia
   d: 07 Feb 1945 in Pittsburgh PA
.....        +Samuel Ruben "T.K." Epstein    b: 17 Jan 1867 in
Neishtat Shervint, Suwalki Gubernia, Russia    Father: Emanuel Epstein
   Mother: Ida Frankenstein    d: 02 Aug 1931 in Pittsburgh PA    m:
01 Mar 1889 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA
.    2      Jacob Morris Friedman    b: 15 Apr 1863 in
Kurland/Ponevez, Lithuania            d: 18 Jun 1923 in New
Kensington, Westmoreland, PA
.....        +Sadye Cohen    b: 05 Jul 1876 in Sharon, PA    Father:
Aaron/Abraham Cohen    Mother: Mildred ???    d: 30 Apr 1934 in New
Kensington, Westmoreland, PA    m: 04 Oct 1895
.    2      Samuel "Sheffield" Friedman    b: Mar 1868 in
Kurland/Ponevez, Lithuania            d: 15 Mar 1902 in Chicago, Cook,
.....        +Lena Harris    b: Jul 1873    Father: Moses M. Harris
Mother: Sarah    d: 1948    m: 21 Feb 1892 in Chicago, IL
.    2      Albert Louis Freedman    b: 09 Jan 1872 in
Kurland/Ponevez, Lithuania            d: 14 Nov 1926 in Washington, DC
.....        +Jennie Felsher    b: Abt. 1880 in Russia    Father:
Jacob Felser    Mother: Ethel Goffanovitch    d: 25 Jul 1951 in
Washington, DC.
.    2      Solomon/Schlioma Friedman    b: 08 Sep 1875 in Kurland,
Latvia/Ponevez, Lithuania            d: 26 Dec 1949 in Pittsburgh, Pa
.....        +Etta Levy    b: 28 Feb 1883 in Pittsburgh PA    Father:
Louis "Reb Arye Leyb" Levy    Mother: Rachael Barton/Barpuitz    d: 01
Feb 1959 in Pittsburgh, Pa    m: 11 Nov 1911 in Greensburg,
Westmoreland, PA
.    2      Hyman Friedman    b: 22 Oct 1876 in Pasvalys, Lithuania
        d: 13 Aug 1933 in Pittsburgh PA
.....        +Sophia Lomask    b: 25 Dec 1879 in Russia    Father:
Morris Lomask    Mother: Leah Maritsky    d: 07 Aug 1954 in Pittsburgh
PA    m: 28 Jun 1898 in Allegheny, PA, USA