Seeking Descendants of Shlomo ZENETSKY in Chelsea. MA, USA #poland #dna #usa #russia

David Ziants

Am seeking descendants of Shlomo ZENETSKY - a family who migrated from Narewka in the Bialystok and Bielsk area of Eastern Europe to Chelsea. Massachusetts, USA - and who have done a DNA test suitable for testing paternal ancestry.

Their family tree on Geni can be found:-

In particular, the interest would be in comparing the results with that of members of SCHLOSBERG and BLOOM families who have a presence on Ancestry and MyHeritage as well as Geni. The family name of both these families was also originally ZENETSKY, I have been informed by a BLOOM descendant that there are DNA matches with descendants of the SCHLOSBERG branch (I am also a SCHLOSBERG branch descendant but through my great-grandmother the mother of my paternal grandfather, and in any case DNA testing for this is not available and allowed in Israel).

Despite that my ZENETSKY ancestor also has a Narewka connection, I would actually expect that there is not going to be a match with the Chelsea family - since this family claim tradition of being kohanim (paternal descendants of the Aaron the Priest in the Torah) and neither the SCHLOSBERG nor BLOOM families have this tradition.

I am familiar with the Narewka Kehilalinks site on Jewishgen, and this is managed by a cousin - but through my paternal grandmother whose parents were also from there.

Please respond privately, unless it is information relevant on a general level.


On my paternal ancestry family names: ZIANTS (ZAJAC,ZIONCE), ZENETSKY (SANICI,SCHLOSBERG,BLOOM),  FRIEDMAN, ISMACH (DAVIDSON, OSMAN), ALPERT from any of Bialystok, Bielsk, Narewka, Lomza or Warsaw.

On my maternal ancestry: GEWELBE (RAVEL, GALE) from Warsaw, MICHAELS (UK, Germany or Netherlands), REINA (Netherlands), VIEYRA, JUDA-RODRIGUES (and all Sephardi families from UK, Hamburg and Netherlands), MENDES (Hamburg) 

David Ziants

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