Levitsky family from Porozovo #belarus

Josh Levine


My gggrandfather was Morris Levinsky,  born in porozovo,  Belarus as itsko mowsha Levitsky son of Mendel. I only have him listing his home town in NYC Naturalization. The family moved to Dvinsk before immigration to the USA. 

There are sparse records of Levinskys in the porozovo area and I would love insight from other researchers to maybe help me find a connection to my family.

All the best

Josh Levine
Chicago,  IL USA


My maternal grandfather was Joseph Levitzki (in America, Joseph Levine) from Rosava in what is now Ukraine.  His father was Yakov Levitzki from Boguslav in Ukraine.  And his father was Isroel Levitzki but he was known as Isroel from the the steppe.
David Schaffer
Vienna, VA USA

Todd Leavitt

My Levitskys were from a shtetl outside of Minsk referred to by them as "Neustadt" (Novagrudek or Negnivici???) in their passenger manifests. Immigrants were Joseph, Hyman and Harry Levitsky. Joe and Hyman moved from the Lower East Side to Detroit, with Hyman spending time with the endogamously connected Nevitskys in Manchester UK; Harry stayed in Brooklyn. Patriarch was Yehudah Leyb Levitsky who never made it to America.
Todd Leavitt
Santa Monica, CA