Stanislawow/Ivano-Frankivsk - an enquiry regarding the 1900 census conducted in the city by the Austro-Hungarians #galicia #ukraine

Avi Bitron

Before the well known and meticulously translated 1939 census, conducted in Stanislawow/Ivano-Frankivsk by the Polish government, there were 2 other censuses - one in 1857 and another one in 1900 - both conducted by the Autron-Hungarians. The two full censuses can be found at the archives of Ivano Frnakivsk (DAIFO) as well as at the CAHJP in Jerusalem.

The 1900 census - beautifully and clearly preserved, was conducted according to the house numbers in town. During that period, the street system was about to be introduced and all the houses in town (more than 400 of them) were numbered. The census started at house no. 1 and continued in an orderly manner.

For some unknown reason, some of the houses are not mentioned in the census. For example, after house no. 74 comes house no. 77. I was looking for house no. 76, I went through the full length of the census but could not find any details or reason why the data skips those houses (which definitely existed). Unfortunately for me, these were the houses I was looking for.

Would anyone have a clue why is that? alternatively, would anyone have an idea whom to ask about that?

For your convenience, I include the relevant page. You can clearly see that after 74 2/4 come 77 2/4. 

Thank you very much

Avi Chari

Yariv Timna <ytimna@...>

Hello Avi
I can't help you with your question, but I wonder where can I find this census online, as I am also searching this city.
Yariv Timna - Israel

Paul Gottlieb

Dear Avi,
Apologies for not answering your question, but I was not aware of that 1939 census. My aunt (my father's sister) and her family lived in Stanislawow at that time. She and her husband were killed in 1942, but her young son miraculously survived and ultimately escaped to Israel. Is the 1939 census searchable, and if so, what is the best site or way to view it. Many thanks for your assistance.
Paul Gottlieb
New York City

alan moskowitz

Do you have a link to those census documents?  They appear to be interesting and I had not heard of them.
Alan Moskowitz

Joel Ives

My ZANKEL and GLASER families were from Stanislawow/Ivano-Frankivsk.

I too would be interested in accessing the databases.

Joel Ives
Fair Lawn, New Jersey USA

Avi Bitron

Regarding the 1939 census - please see :
As for the 1900 and 1857 censuses, they are not online yet. You can only see them at the Ivano-Frankivsk archives or at the CAHJP in Jerusalem ( At the latter, where I studied the material, it is all microfilmed. 
Avi Bitron


In fact, the 1857 census records (unindexed) are available online through Family Search.  They're organized by house number, but it's confusing because similar number sequences appear in different volumes, and, as a result, I had to search through multiple volumes even though I knew the relevant house number.  Here's a link:

Shalom Leaf

Daniella Alyagon

Can you pkease provide the relevent microfilm numbers?

Daniella Alyagon

Avi Bitron

HM3/1092.13 for 1857

HM3/1092.14  for 1900

It is in fact the same microfilm at CHAJP

Avi Bitron

Billie Stein

Is the 1900 census available for other locations, too? I am particularly interested in the tiny village (too small to call it a shtetl) of Zukowice Nowe, in the Tarnow district. All I've seen to date is a summary, and was under the impression that the original was destroyed after the summarization.

Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy, kosher Passover.

Billie Stein
Givatayim, Israel

Lisa Bracco

I, too, would be interested to see census information for the small towns of Kossow and Zablotow.  I believe they were in the general area.  Thanks for any leads.

Lisa Bracco,

Avi Bitron

Thank you very much for the interesting link. I have a few questions regarding those lists.
I see that they have additional info there, not only the 1857 census. Did you manage to get information related to real estate ownership from the various records? If you did, which one was it? According to your findings, was a certain house number in Stanislawow referring to one house or sometimes you saw that 2 different houses in 2 different parts of the city had the same number?
What do you mean by different volumes? There are 13 different results in the link you sent. Do you mean that in each and every link of the 13, there is a referral to the same house?
Would you happen to know what is the reason to each house number there is a fraction attached, such as 1/4, 2/4 or 3/4? What is the meaning of that?

Thank you again so much.

Best regards,

Avi Bitron