Searching for Interwar Address Books of Galicia #galicia #general

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear All,

I assume this group is quite familiar with Polish address books (Ksiega Adresowa) and their importance in genealogy. These books can be accessed  online in some Polish digital libraries (e.g.,, GenealogyIndexer website and other genealogy web sites.

Unfortunately, for the city of Lwow, I could not find an address book for any of the years between 1917 and 1934. Such books exist for other cities. I would appreciate any information or links to Lwow address books from that range of years (1917-1934).

Thank you - Yaron Wolfsthal, Israel


There is a German-language listserve - Oberschlesien list - oberschlesien-l@... with a membership very knowledgeable of such resources. Someone there should be able to direct you to a one specifically for Galicia. Perhaps there is a Galician list at

Dennis Whitehead 

Janet Furba

Ask the local archive.
Janet Furba,