My grandfather’s family NEWACHOWICZ from Novogrudok #belarus #poland #russia


I am looking for any information, recorded or anectodal, on my grandfather’s Newachowicz family, immediate or extended, from Novogrudok or anywhere in the Pale. My grandfather was the only one in his immediate family to come to the U.S. in 1912 and he changed his name to Sam (Samuel) Forman. His occupation at time of arrival was "tailor".

My grandfather’s original first name was Kuschiel (b.1892ish). His parent’s names were Nachum and Ruchel Chula (according to New York 1912 ship manifest). His older brother Lejzar served in the Russian Army and was later married to Bejla. Their two children were Minia and Jakow. In 1929 Lejzar was registered in the then Polish records as a grain merchant located at Korelicka 18, Novogrudok. I had heard that my grandfather was involved with the Novogrudok Bund.

Attached are family photos circa 1905ish and also from my grandfather’s 1929 visit to Novogrudok. Lejzar and his family are listed in the Yad Vashem Yizkor Book as Newechowich for Minsk. This is all I've been able to find about Newachowiczes.


Many thanks for any help or direction,

Judith Kopp