Looking for My Heritage Member to access JC engagement notice #unitedkingdom


I've done a search on My Heritage for Ickowicz and brought up the following:


The Jewish Chronicle - June 1 1951


The Jewish Chronicle

  • ".... Stamford Hill, N.16. MR. H. ICKOWICZ AND Miss S. HELFGOTTThe engagement is announced of Hershel Ickowicz, _pf 63, AshbourneAvenue, N.W. 11. son of the late Mr and Mrs. A. Jckowtcz. of Poland, toSophie Hc..."

My maternal grandfather's surname was originally Ickowicz and this notice is for his cousin.
As I'm not a member of My Heritage I wondered if anyone would be kind enough to download the original notice for me.
Many thanks.
Shoshanah Glickman
Gateshead, UK


Naomi Leon
Brighton, UK


Bernard Miller

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Hershel Ickowicz
Hi Shoshana,  I have found it and copied it for you but it doesn't really contain any more information than what you already had.  If you want a copy of the whole page, let me know.

Best wishes

Bernard Miller

michele shari

Hi Shoshanah,
Here is a clip of what was on the page. Hope this helps.
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL
Researching Farkas, Izsak (Tasnad), Tauszig, Taussig (Transylvania/Hungary/Romania), Stauber, Stober, Shtauber, Davidivici, Fischman (Dragomisteri), Teszler, Hershtik, Herstik (Viseu, Romania area)


Hi Shoshana Glickman,                                                        16th March 2021

I noted your request regarding family H. Ickowicz

The address you mention: 63. Ashbourne Avenue NW11  
Based on the Shomer Shabboth telephone book--London

The telephone number --
H. Ickowicz  at 63 Ashbourne Avenue NW11 ODT  is London--  Golders Green 8455-4646

As for 29. Green Lane Hendon--NW 4---I cannot locate a telephone number--it might be a block of Flat now.

One of my son was in the same class--many years ago--with Dudi  Iczkowitcz
if you are interested .
Please contact me direct to :paveanyu@...

Best wishes
Veronika Pachtinger
London  UK.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish Everybody at Jewish Gen a 'Kosheren' healthy prosperous Pesach.