Translation request: Hebrew to English (Yad Vashem testimony) #subcarpathia #holocaust #translation

Carole Bass

Seeking a translation of this Yad Vashem Page of Testimony for Roza Iakov Ackerman of Munkacs/Mukachevo.

Many thanks.
Carole Bass
New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Odeda Zlotnick

1. Surname: Ackerman
2. Given name: Roza
3. Father's name: Yaakov Leyb
4. Mother's name: Sarah Rivka
5. Date of Birth: 28 January 1886
6. Place and country of birth: "Polyana" [Poland?]
7. Permanent place of residence: Mukachevo
8. Profession: House wife
9. Nationality: Czech
10. Place of residence during the war: Mukachevo
11. Place and circumstances of death: Not know precisely
12. Personal status: Married
13. Name of wife and her maiden name: [response repeats parents' names]
Husband's name: Shmuel; his age 57
14. Names of children aged up to 18, who perished:  [none mentioned]
Signed by Naftali Ackerman, her son, on 2 October 1955
Netanya, Gordon st. 14 POB 37

POT's from the 1950's were filled by interviewers who wrote down what they understood, and used their native tongue's spelling for places and people's names.
Additionally, it's possible the witnesses could not really read what they were signing and this can be a source of discrepancies.

Carol Hoffman

Yad Vashem has an automatic translation, see below:
Last Name Ackerman
Last Name Akerman
First Name Roza
Maiden Name Iakov
Gender Female
Date of Birth 28/01/1886
Place of Birth Polana,Czechoslovakia
Father's First Name Yaakov
Father's First Name Leib
Mother's First Name Sara
Mother's First Name Rivka
Marital Status Married
Spouse's First Name Shmuel
Spouse's First Name Samuel
Permanent Place of Residence Mukacevo,Mukacevo,Carpathian Ruthenia,Czechoslovakia
Citizenship Czechoslovakia
Profession Housewife
Place during the War Mukacevo,Mukacevo,Carpathian Ruthenia,Czechoslovakia
Status according to Source murdered
Submitter's Last Name Akerman
Submitter's First Name Naftali
Relationship to Victim Daughter
Source Yad Vashem - Pages of Testimony Names Memorial Collection
Type of material Page of Testimony
Item ID 1274722
* Automatic translation from Hebrew

Carol Hoffman
Tel Aviv

Odeda Zlotnick

Never trust Yad Vashem's automatic translations.  They are a mess for many - at times unavoidable - reasons, and Carol Hoffman's above quote is a great example of why.

Naftali is a male's name.
There is absolutely no doubt that he is described in handwritten Hebrew as the victim's son.

And yet, the translation from Yad Vasheme has made him a "daughter" - wrong, wrong, wrong!

And I know from personal contact with Yad Vashem staff that they have a special problem with relationship translation.

Always ask for another translation.
Odeda Zlotnick

Odeda Zlotnick

By the way, it's not only the translations that are problematic, it's whatever happened in the digitalization process; in this case, even the Hebrew has Naftali as the daughter.

Yad Vashem lets you submit corrections to those errors - I've done that now.

Bottom line: if a POT is submitted in a language you don't know -- have it translated from the scan by a human being who knows that language - and submit correction to Yad Vashem, or ask the translator to do so. 

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.