Seeking information about the parents/siblings of Shraga Feivel (Feivesh) Niefeld of Stolbtsy (Stoibtz) #belarus

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I am doing genealogical research for a friend whose grandfather, Philip Newfield, was born in Stolbtsy (Stoibtz), now in Belarus, in 1879. Philip emigrated first to Scotland and later to the United States, where he died in 1937. Philip's father was Shraga Feivel (Feivish) Niefeld, born probably in or near Stolbtsy around 1850. My friend is clear about the children of Shraga Feivel Niefeld but knows nothing about Shraga Feivel's parents or siblings (or nieces/nephews). We would appreciate any help on these questions.


One thing that may help: my friend is confident that a man named Max Newfield (1901-1976), who was a high school teacher and later principal in Brooklyn, was a cousin of hers, though she is not clear about how closely they were related. Max Newfield was born in England, apparently to parents who had emigrated from Stolbtsy. His father was a Joseph Newfield/Niefeld, who seems at times to have used the name Julius after he came from England to America. Joseph Newfield may have been a first cousin to Philip Newfield, though I have been unable to determine the names of his parents. We would also like to clarify the relationship of Max Newfield to my friend's Newfield family.




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Janis and Joe Datz

My Sagalowich relatives are from Stoibtz.  I am a coordinstor for the yizkor book that is online at JewishGen.  There are many translations available and a great deal of Neifeld entries.  Janis Friedenberg Datz .