Gritzman and Zakusaya families of Bialystok #poland #names

Deborah Lane

My great great grandparents were Binyomin and Shaina Michla (Zakusaya) Gritzman who lived in Bialystok. I believe they originally were from Tykocin. From my research, I think by now they have hundreds of descendants in North America, Israel. Argentina and elsewhere. I have two questions that I am wondering if anyone can comment on:
1. Does anyone know what the origin of the name "Zakusaya" could be? Could it be related to Zak/ Sacks/ Zakheim families?
2. I remember hearing a story when I was young concerning this family about an Egyptian Jewish man who was a grain merchant who travelled through Poland and eventually married into the Gritzman family (they were apparently grain dealers). A second cousin of mine, whom I recently contacted, said when she was young she also heard a similar story about a "Black Abe". Could this be probable? If so, does anyone have recommendations about how to research this?
Thank you, and wishing everyone a wonderful Pesach
Deborah Lane
Spring Valley, NY

Researching: Gritzman, Zakusaya and Kaplan from Bialystok
                       Oppenheim and Margolis from Telsiai, Lithuania
                       Bendetsky from Bela Tserkov
                        Siegal and Cohen from Balbirishok, Suwalk
                       Abelman and Shapiro from Kaunas
                       Levin and Altshuller from Mogilev, Belarus
                       Lieberman from Gaisin, Ukraine
                       Mintz, and Trembe from Latvia
                        Simon from Kiev


My great-grandfather was Morris Gratz from Bialystok. We were always told he had changed his name. Do you think there might be a Gritzman connection?
Irene Plotzker 
Wilmington, Delaware