family of Abraham and Judes (Yehudith) Grunberg #holocaust

Milton Koch

I am looking for any descendants of this couple, who apparently perished in the Shoah.
I believe they were all born in Trembowla.
Their children were: Esther, Shoshana, Shmuel, Yehuda.
Judes Ginsburg nee Selzer was also from Trembowla.
Thank you.
MIlton Koch
Bethesda, MD, USA

Myra Fournier <mjfourn@...>

Hi, Milton:
I have Gruenbergs on my family tree too.
My maternal great-grandmother was Jenny Pelz (nee Gruenberg). She died in Auschwitz.
As Gruenberg is a fairly common name, not sure if there's a connection.
Would be happy to discuss further if you contact me at mjfourn@....
I could send you a screenshot of the Gruenbergs in my family tree.
Good luck with your search.
Myra Fournier
Bedford, MA