Family of Haim And Ides BRAUNSTEIN / COJOCARU of Saveni Romania #romania #usa #israel #holocaust


We are trying to learn more about my great grandfather, Haim BRAUNSTEIN, and his family. 
Haim and his wife, Ides, had four boys: Abraham, Kopel, Moise ( my grandfather), and Shimshon. At some point, probably after 1934, the family had to change their surname to COJOCARU. They lived in Saveni, Romania, before the Holocaust. Haim's father was Coepl. Haim passed away in Saveni in 1934. Ides ( the daughter of Yeshaayahoo HaKohen) and the sons survived the holocaust, though lost family members. They immigrated to Israel after its establishment.

Based on stories, we believe Haim's two brothers immigrated to the USA in the 20s, but it might have been later. We know they kept in touch with Ides for several years while she lived in Even-Yehuda, Israel, but the connection is lost for many decades now. 

We will be grateful for any advice that might lead us to our extended family members. 

Thank you! 
Sharon Cop


There is a marriage in 1909 of  Haim son of Copel Cojocariu with Ides daughter  of Saia Harabagiu. The names in the Romanian civil records do not always fit with what descendants may know.  If interested in prior to 1915 you can contact me privately.

Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY